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    3. About us, Company Profile & Customers feedback

      My employer CNBM International Corporation is a division and the trading platform for CNBM Group Corporation which is state-owned and among the World Top 500. We specialize in the import and export business of various building materials and equipment. The official website of my company is http://www.icnbm.com/.

      Our division, natural stone materials division specialize in the supply of natural stone products. We have close-tight with stone quarries and factories in most provinces of China. We have been continuously providing to overseas customers quality stones over the past 20 years. Our customers include wholesalers, distributor and contractors, and we enjoy a good reputation among them. Our knowledge, experience and high responsibility is the key to a success.

      Company Profile

      Registration Info

      • cnbm-intl-business-license

        Business License

      • Registration No.: 911101087662687640
      • Registered Name: CNBM International Corporation
      • Entity Type: Limited Liability Company (LLC)
      • Registered Capital: CNY300,956,900
      • Date License First Obtained: 17 August 2004
      • Date License Is Due To Expire: 16 August 2034
      • Major Business Scope: Import and Export for materials and technology
      • Latest Date License Was Registered: 17 August 2018
      • License Issuing Authority: Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau Haidian Branch

      How do we handle customers' orders

      • my working photo

        work is done before container door is closed

      I have got the expertise to communicate with customers in English efficiently. This speciality of mine helps me to link up my customers and suppliers together and work effectively.

      Our team treat every customer's order with care. We have a working flow to supervise and watch every steps of the production until the order is properly accomplished.

      I am satisfied only when the products are properly received by my customer who sends positive feedback to me.

      Stone exhibitions we attended

      • Booth at Japan Stone Fair 2005, Tokyo

        Booth at Japan Stone Fair 2005

      • Booth at Stonetech 2007, Beijing

        Booth at Stonetech 2007, Beijing

      • Marmomacc2006 & 2007, Verona

        Booth at Marmomacc 2006, Verona

      • Booth No. 5774, Coverings 2008

        Booth at Coverings 2008, Orlando

      Working with Customers

      • working photo with American couple

        A working photo in Beijing 2002 joined by an American couple for marble fireplace.

      • visit construction site England 2005

        My visit to the construction site with customer in England 2005.

      • client from Japan

        Together with my customer from Japan 2017.

      Customer's Feedback

      I unloaded the stone today and it looks wonderful. As it just so happens the client was on site today and also saw the stone and was very very pleased. I completely trust your high quality. Indeed we are all proud of your product. Many times I hear of poor quality from China but your products are wonderful. Thanks so much.
      The quality of the quartzite stone from China is not very good these days. The stone you sent me is fine. But the stone my competition is selling is very poor quality... and people are really upset with it. They come to our yards to buy and complain about the other suppliers. Thanks for your support these past years Haiying.
      The travertine and crema marfil are of very good quality. We like it very much. I enjoyed doing business with you and am glad there we trust each other doing business. A lot of big projects (hotels) are staring up to develop and I would like to have your stones in these projects.

      With my colleagues

      • CNBM's annual meeting 2020

        CNBM's annual meeting is held in January every year.

      • 290 employees in annual meeting

        290 employees attended the annual meeting 2020

      • Participaing in activities organized by my company

        Participating in activities organized by my company on 25th October 2019.

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