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    3. Engineered Quartz Stone

      Engineered stone is a composite material made of crushed stone bound together by polymer resin. The two common stones used in producing these products are marble and quartz.

      The most common application for engineered quartz product is primarily for kitchen countertops. The material is factory made in either blocks or slabs, cut and polished by fabricators, and assembled at the work site. Research reveals virtually no difference in performance between quartz based products and sealed granite.

      The produced slab format is 3000x1400mm in our factory, available in differential thicknesses of 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm and 30mm.

      In Stock Items

      The following are the 26 best selling colors in stock, for which we can deliver to the location you designate by a carefully selected logistics company without delay.

      Crystal - QG Series

      Solid Color - QS Series

      Dots Tri-Colors - QD QR Series

      Floral - QD QR Series

      Moire - QH Series

      Non-stocking Items

      The following colors were produced in the past but none of them are in stock now. However when the demand exceeds 500 square meters, they can be custom produced upon an order.

      Crystal - QG Series

      Dual Colors - QR Series

      Solid Color - QS Series

      Moire - QH Series

      Dots - QD Series

      Sparkling - GT Series

      Quartz Stone Counter Top Production

      Quartz is a much harder material than marble. This makes the quartz stone much more resistant to scratching, which is why they are most commonly used for kitchen counter tops. Quartz stone is less porous and more resistant to mould and mildew than most natural stone types. Since it has a uniform internal structure, it does not have hidden cracks or flaws that may exist in natural stone.

      Prefabricated & Bespoke Counter Top Production
      • quartz slab inspection

        Quartz stone slab is being inspected by QC from the production line.

      • ready quartz slab

        A ready quartz slab to be fabricated into bespoke worktops.

      • bespoke counter top production

        This is the workshop site where bespoke counter tops are fabricated in quartz stone.

      • brown vanity top

        These are brown color vanity tops are finished with round cut-out with trimmed edge.

      • upstands being inspected

        Upstands are being inspected by QC too.

      • beige worktop with sink cut-out

        These quartz stone kitchen worktops are done with with a square cut-out based on a sink hole template.

      • vanity top with round cut-out

        These quartz stone vanity tops are done with oval shape cut-out and tap holes.

      • counter top with raised edges

        These engineered quartz stone counter top are finished with a flat polished raised edge.

      • bespoke counter inspected by QC

        The bespoke counter tops are being inspected by QC stuff.

      Quartz Stone Gallery

      Quartz Stone Project Gallery
      • dinning room table top

        This dinning room table top is made by engineered quartz stone.

      • black bar top

        This black bar top is made by engineered quartz stone too.

      • brown vanity top

        Here is vanity top made by brown engineered quartz stone. The vanity top is pre-fabricated with cut-out for under mount sink and tap holes.

      • kitchen counter top

        This is an ordinarily resident's kitchen, the engineered quartz stone counter top was pre-fabricated with with under mount sink and installed with a cook top.

      • dinning table top

        This is another project of modern dinning room using engineered quartz stone made table top & kitchen worktop.

      • quartz stone kitchen worktop

        This kitchen worktop is made by white color engineered quartz stone.

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