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    3. Stone Rock for Garden & Retaining Wall

      Limestone Stone Rocks

      Natural stone is a popular choice for retaining wall construction. The wall is held together by the friction and weight of the dry-stacked, natural stones that add a very natural look to any landscape. Natural stone walls allow water to flow freely behind and through the wall thus dry-stone retaining walls are normally self-draining. A stone retaining wall is durable, long-lasting and can be constructed in any form to fit your landscaping needs.

      Three major colors

      We have three major colors of limestone rock / retaining wall stones as the following:

      Stone Rock Packaging

      Two packaging systems are normally used in our rock stone export practice.

      A gabion is a large container made of wire in which rocks are packed. Gabions are used for building structures outdoors, for example to support pieces of ground or control a flow of water.

      • galvanised steel wire gabion

        Rock stone can be packed in galvanized steel wire gabions and with a pallet beneath them.

      • wooden crate package

        Normally stone rocks are loaded in a wooden crate same as these free size rocks for cladding purpose.

      Rock Stone Project Gallery

      Courtyard Decorative Rocks

      The same limestone rocks above can be used at a garden or a courtyard as decorative rocks. Below are some examples.

      • rock for garden

        These are the White Gray color limestone rocks used as decorates in a garden or courtyard.

      • rock for a path

        These White Gray limestone rocks are used as stepping stones for a courtyard path.

      • rock at a  tree well

        The same White Gray limestone rocks can be used at the tree well too.

      Retaining Wall
      • rocks for retaining wall

        This small retaining wall in a garden is dry-stacked by limestone rocks of White, Gray and Rustic mixed colors.

      • rock wall surrounds a tree

        This small dry-stacked wall surround a tree is made with Black Rustic color limestone rocks.

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