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    3. Marble Polished Pebble and Tile

      Using decorative pebbles has become a common trend. People use them in garden beds, water features, aquariums and ponds. They are perfect for walkways in a bath or a garden path. Marble pebbles are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

      Polished Pebble

      Polished pebbles are produced from smooth marble aggregates. They are beautiful and economical, adding attractions to your landscaping application or home project.

      Highly Polished - Grade AAA

      Matt Polished - Grade A

      Polished Pebble Tile

      Pebble tiles are tiles made up of small polished pebbles attached to a sturdy mesh backing similar to mosaics. The tile is generally designed in an interlocking pattern so that in final installations multiple tiles fit together to have a seamless appearance. They are perfect choice as tiles for showers, bathrooms, backs plashes, swimming pools and spa areas.

      Square pebble tile size 305x305mm

      Round Pebble Tiles Size 900x900mm

      Pebble Production & Packaging Reference

      • snow white pebbles

        Our factory stocks of snow white pebbles matt finished as it is a popular product.

      • 20-kilo PVC bag for pebbles

        Every 20 kilos of pebbles are packed in a standard PVC bag.

      • carton + plywood crate for pebble tiles

        This card board boxes + plywood crate is normally used pebble tiles.

      • 1-ton wooden crate loaded with 50 bags of pebbles

        This is the standard and most secure manner of packaging, but cost is higher. A fumigated wooden crate is loaded with 50 bags of pebbles.

      • 1-ton-bag only

        This is the most economical way of packaging, 1,000 kilos of pebbles put in a 1-ton-bag then loaded into a 20' container.

      • 1-ton-bag only packaging

        One or two 1-ton-bag is/are placed on the top of wooden pallet for easy pallet trucking.

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