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    3. Quartzite Mosaic Tile and Border

      Stone mosaic is a decorative sheet made from the assemblage of small flat pieces of colored stones arrayed in a designed pattern. Mosaic and border are aimed at the kitchen and bathroom market. The stone tiles are cut into small pieces with sawn, tumbled or guillotined edges, the faces are polished, split or brushed, then they are mounted on a mesh backed sheet for easy delivery and installation at the job site.

      Quartzite Mosaic

      Split Line Series

      Square or Rectangle Style Natural or Tumbled Series

      Square & Rectangle Style Honed Series

      Hexagon & Octagon Series

      Other Style Series

      Glass/Metal Inset Stone Series

      Quartzite Mosaic Border

      Mosaic Product Packaging

      Quartzite Mosaic Gallery

      Quartzite Product Gallery
      • Octagon & Dot

        This Desert Gold quartzite mosaic are made with Octagon & Dot shape small units.

      Quartzite Mosaic Project Gallery
      • Silver Black

        This project in Riyadh has used Split Line Series Silver Black quartzite mosaic for the interior wall decoration.

      • Silver Black

        In this picture, the Silver Black quartzite mosaics of Split Line Series are being demonstrated at the stone show.

      • Desert Gold mosaic gallery

        In this bathroom wall project Desert Gold quartzite mosaic are used along with tumbled stone pieces.

      • Desert Gold - Mini Random Strip

        This is another sample using Desert Gold quartzite mosaic done with Mini Random Strip pattern.

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