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    3. Aluminum Profile

      In addition to the natural stone supply we also produce some custom-made aluminium ("aluminium" in British English) products shown at below.

      Aluminum Extrusion

      Aluminum alloy parts and profiles are produced either through die-cast or a designed extrusion die. The most widely used raw material no. of aluminum for building industry is 6063-T5.

      • aluminum bar

        Aluminum bar - the raw material for aluminum profile extrusion.

      • aluminum bar

        Long aluminum bars are stored for profile extrusion.

      • Aluminum extrusion workshop

        Aluminum extrusion workshop

      • Aluminum extrusion workshop

        Aluminum extrusion workshop

      Aluminum Metalworking Process

      Metal fabrication is a term referring to the process that cuts, shapes, or molds metal material into a final product. Fabrication creates an end product from raw or semi-finished materials.

      Specialized metal fabrication works are done at fab shops. Some common fabrication methods involves cutting, drawing, folding, forging, extrusion, machining, punching, shearing, stamping, and welding which are used to reshape or create a new product. Fab shops also provide finishing services such as deburring, polishing, coating, and painting, to the product.

      • fab shop

        Our aluminum fabrication shop

      • fab shop

        Our aluminum fabrication shop

      • clever punching mold

        A clever designed mold to punch holes to the side of aluminum rail

      • aluminum hole punch

        Specific shaped turrets on a punch press hit the aluminum profile into a die to create holes.

      Aluminium Anodizing & Dyeing

      An anodized finish is a clear or colored finish that is chemically applied to the surface of aluminium. This anodizing process increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of aluminum parts and protect it from corrosion. The process of anodizing also changes the crystal structure near the surface of aluminum alloy, which allows us to dye the metal a bright color.

      Depending on the size and usage of the aluminum alloy metal part, the anodizing process is processed in two different ways which we call 'long-profile anodizing' and 'small-widget anodizing'.

      Long Profile Anodizing

      • long profile anodizing

        Long profiles stacked on big metal basket are anodized in big oxidation pond.

      • long profile anodizing

        This long profile anodized is coated with a dark color through anodizing.

      Small Widget Anodizing

      For small parts anodizing, usually more sides of the parts need to be anodized than long profiles, this requires special designed stands to hold the metal parts in the anodizing process. The aluminum alloy parts can be dyed with a specify color in the dyeing process.

      • small widget anodizing red

        Small aluminum anodizing red

      • small widget anodizing blue

        Small aluminum anodizing blue

      • small widget anodizing gold

        Small aluminum anodizing gold

      • gripper/holder for anodizing

        Gripper/holders for anodizing small parts such as aluminum flashings

      Aluminum Product

      • die-cast aluminum base

        A die-cast aluminum base in clear aluminum color

      • die-cast aluminum base

        A die-cast aluminum with white electrostatic spray coating

      • aluminium radiator

        An extruded aluminium radiator with extra metal fabrications done.

      • aluminum flashing

        Aluminum flashings for roofing system

      • aluminum profile

        T-shape aluminum profile punched with fixing and drainage holes

      • Cross section view aluminum profiles

        Cross section view of aluminum profiles, L and T shapes

      • aluminum profile packing

        A wooden case packaging for aluminum profiles each are wrapped with protection film

      • Extruded aluminum profile inventory

        Inventory of extruded aluminum profiles

      •  aluminum profiles warehouse

        Warehouse where extruded aluminum profiles are stored

      • Aluminum profile samples with anodized colors

        Aluminum profile samples with anodized colors: brown, gold, champagne, and black

      • An aluminum part anodized gold

        An aluminum part anodized gold

      • Aluminum pipes anodized voilet and blue

        Aluminum pipes anodized Violet and blue

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