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    3. Slate Roofing & Table Wares

      Roofing Slate

      Roofing slate, a type of roof shingle or tile is considered a high-quality, durable material for the roof of a building. When broken, slate retains a natural appearance while remaining relatively flat and easy to stack. Roofing slate material has an extremely low water absorption rate making it resistant to frost damage and breakage due to freezing.

      Roofing Slate Color

      The following roofing slates are of size 200x200mm. They are produced with natural split surfaces and guillotined edges.

      Slate Roof Tile Specification

      We produce roofing slate tiles in the following standard sizes:

      Roofing Slate Production & Packaging

      • Part II slates done

        The Jstar Green slate roof tiles were completed with one hole, a rubber strip and an aluminum gutter attached.

      • crates for roofing slates

        The roof slate packages were transported to the container yard by lorries. They were treated by fumigation and then load into containers for sail.

      • container load with roofing slates

        This 20' container at CY is fully loaded with roofing slate packages for export.

      How to identify the weather-resistant characteristic of a roof slate?

      • In this video there is no obvious chemical reaction when dilute acid is dropped upon the slate. It proves the material has a good weather-resistant performance, an ideal slate material for roofing project.

      • As a contrast to the last video, in this one there is violent chemical reaction when dilute acid is dropped upon the slate. This slate material is proved no good for roofing applications but it is okay for other indoor uses.

      Slate Table Wares

      Slate Plate

      Round Circle Shape

      Rectangular Shape

      Slate Coaster / Place Mat

      A slate coaster ( beverage coaster) is made by nice smooth natural slate (usually black color). It soaks up the liquid providing a stain-resistant resting place for glasses, cups and mugs. It protects the surface of a table or a counter top.

      A business logo, advertising slogan, or custom artwork an be engraved on the slate and displayed.

      Slate Menu Board

      Slate Hanging Tag

      Roofing Slate Gallery

      Roofing Slate Product Gallery
      • Rustic Multicolor gallery

        Rustic Multicolor roofing slate is one of the best selling roofing materials with its warm and rich yellow rustic tones.

      • Vein Gray gallery

        Vein Gray roofing slate can be a optional choice if you have special tastes towards the choice of slate roofing color.

      • Jstar Black gallery

        Jstar Black is truly a dense slate material characterized by it's low calcium content that brings an excellent weather resistant performance.

      • Purple slate gallery

        Purple slate was a good option for roofing tiles. But the pity is that the quarry was exhausted 3 years ago and is no longer available.

      Roofing Slate Project Gallery
      • application of roofing slate Germany

        In late 1990s we visited my manager's German client who brought us to see the roof construction site.

      • application of roofing slate Germany

        This German craftsman was focused on installing the roof tiles.

      • slate roofing application England

        When we visited my customer in England in 2005 he took us to visit the construction site of roofing slate.

      • slate roofing application Japan

        This photo was took when we visit my client in Japan who drove us to see the finished project in Southern Japan in 2009.

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