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    3. Perlino Bianco Limestone

      Perlino Bianco is quarried from Guizhou province, a natural limestone famous for the wood grain vein, light color tone and large output.

      Stone Cladding

      Stone Panel


      • Perlino Bianco panel split

        Perlino Bianco panel, split faces, interlocking Z shape, size 600x150x15-25mm

      • Perlino Bianco panel split corner

        Perlino Bianco panel corner piece, split faces, interlocking Z shape, size 600x150x15-25mm


      • 3 Perlino Bianco panel honed

        3 Perlino Bianco panel, in-and-out honed finish, Z shape, size 600x150x15-25mm

      • 3 Perlino Bianco honed panel doorway

        Perlino Bianco honed finish panels used for an exterior doorway

      Composable Stone Strip

      These stone pieces are called composable stone strips because they are not arranged and glued in the usual way to form a standard 600x150mm size panel.

      In stead stones are supplied in strip-style pieces that have variable lengths of 150/ 300/450/600 mm, and fixed heights of 50/100/150 mm, as the below diagram.

      • composable strip specification

      These variations make the stone pieces composable and flexible at the construction site where they can be arranged in variable sequences. Builders are encouraged to try different combinations until a unique and satisfactory arrangement is reached.

      Composable stone strips, not only varied in sizes, but they can be done with 2 or more different top finishes to blend as well.

      Honed Finish

      In follow case, honed finish stone strips with mixed thickness are used.

      • Perlino Bianco stone tiles trips

        Perlino Bianco honed finished stone strips with mixed thickness, in-and-out effect

      • exterior garage wall

        Perlino Bianco honed strip veneer for exterior garage wall

      • interior wall cladding

        Perlino Bianco honed strips used for interior fireplace wall

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