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    3. Limestone Tile

      Limestone is a sedimentary rock and is very common in architecture for its smooth grain surface.

      Polished Limestone

      Polishing is the process of creating a smooth and shiny surface by rubbing it or using fine abrasives. A polished finish gives the surface a high luster and strong reflection of incident light, almost mirror-like.

      Honed Limestone

      A honing/matt process is similar to polishing, it provides a smooth, satin-like nonreflective surface.

      Sandblasted Limestone

      A sandblasted / shot-blasted surface provides an irregular pitted surface by impacting sand or metal particles at high velocity against a stone surface.

      Bush Hammered Limestone

      A bush hammer is a masonry tool used to texturize the stone. It exists in many forms from simple hand-held hammers to large electric machines. A bush-hammered finish, similar to a hounds tooth pattern, creates a rough, but uniformly patterned surface with impact tools varying in coarseness.

      Antique Brushed Limestone

      To create a brushed finish (sometimes is referred to as a leathered finish), manufacturers gently brush the stone surface until it becomes textured and appears worn-in. The brushing process closes the stone pores which helps it to become more stain resistant. A brushed finish also hides fingerprints and water spots better than a polished surface. Like a honed finish, a brushed finish dilutes the color of the stone itself.

      Additional Limestone Finishes

      Limestone Gallery

      Limestone Project Gallery
      • Classic Black limestone

        Classic Black limestone wall striped tile with white caulking, honed finish.

      • Perlino Bianco limestone

        A kitchen wall which is decorated with Perlino Bianco limestone brick tiles.

      • Perlino Bianco limestone

        The floor tiles in this picture are Classic Gold limestone mixed with mini bar tiles and random shape tiles, an exquisite design.

      • Classic Gold limestone

        Classic Gold limestone tile with a bush hammered finish in Vesailles Patterns for swimming pool paving.

      • Classic Gold limestone

        Classic Gold limestone exterior paving with antique brushed finish.

      • Classic Gold limestone

        In this project, the pool surround tiles and coping stones are all done in Classic Gold limestone with shoot-blasted finish.

      • fountain project

        In this fountain project, the walling stone, the monument and the coping stones of the pool are all made in Classic Gold limestone.

      • Chinese limestone project

        In this picture, Classic Black limestone pattern tiles (honed finish) are laid as indoor flooring.

      • Chinese limestone project

        A glimpse of a Chinese-style courtyard for which the wall and the paving are decorated with Classic Black and Beige limestone.

      • Classic Gold limestone project

        A well-designed project using Classic Gold limestone at the building wall, the deck and the pool.

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