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    3. Quartzite Tile

      Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that is formed from sandstone. The strength, abrasion resistance, and weathering durability of this rock type expand its application possibilities to include almost all common uses for natural, dimension stone. It's a unique material, because it has a lot of sparkle which shines on the surface. It's best to be used for pool decks, coping, stair and garden pathways.

      Thermal / Flamed Quartzite

      A thermal (or flameing) process to the stone produces a textured, nonreflective surface with only a few reflections from cleavage faces, by applying a high-temperature flame. This finish may change the natural color of the stone depending on its mineralogical composition, particularly with stones containing higher levels of iron.


      Polished Quartzite

      Polishing is the process of creating a smooth and shiny surface by rubbing it or using fine abrasives. A polished finish gives the surface a high luster and strong reflection of incident light, almost mirror-like.

      Honed / Matt Quartzite

      A honing/matt process is similar to polishing, it provides a smooth, satin-like nonreflective surface.

      Brushed Quartzite

      To create a brushed finish (sometimes is referred to as a leathered finish), manufacturers gently brush the stone surface until it becomes textured and appears worn-in. The brushing process closes the stone pores which helps it to become more stain resistant. A brushed finish also hides fingerprints and water spots better than a polished surface. Like a honed finish, a brushed finish dilutes the color of the stone itself.

      Riven / Split / Cleft Quartzite

      Natural riven stone tiles are manually 'split by hand' which produces an ideal cleft textured surface.

      Sandblasted Quartzite

      A sandblasted / shot-blasted surface provides an irregular pitted surface by impacting sand or metal particles at high velocity against a stone surface.

      Bush-hammered Quartzite

      A bush hammer is a masonry tool used to texturize the stone. It exists in many forms from simple hand-held hammers to large electric machines. A bush-hammered finish, similar to a hounds tooth pattern, creates a rough, but uniformly patterned surface with impact tools varying in coarseness.

      Tumbled Quartzite

      Tumbled finish quartzite offers a warm and classical look, it's widely used for paving and wall cladding. Tumbled quartzite stones are mostly produced in the size of 100x100mm, however custom size would be available upon request.

      Quartzite Stone Production Reference

      Quartzite Stone Production
      • tiles to dry completely

        Upon the completion of saw cutting, the Silver Green quartzite tiles were placed separately in order to let them dry completely.

      • triangular cut tile

        These are Silver Rosa quartzite cut into a triangular shape based on architect's design. They are flamed finished and trimmed with pencil round edges.

      • tiles to dry completely

        This is a working scene from our factory. The Silver Rosa tiles are placed on ground one by one for customer and architect to inspect them.

      • architect's inspection

        Customer and architect are gazing at the tiles laid on the ground. They have come to visit our factory along with the order production.

      Applying A Stone Sealer

      Stone Sealing is the application of a surface treatment to a natural stone porous surface to slow down staining and corrosion.

      • This video shows the effect when a water repellent sealer (Japanese UNIDYNE Brand) is applied to the surface of Silver Green quartzite wall stone. The sealer penetrates deeply into the surface, sealing out water and contaminates effectively.

      Quartzite Stone Gallery

      Quartzite Stone Product Gallery
      • Desert Gold gallery

        Desert Gold quartzite tiles arranged in a Versailles pattern. A series includes various size of tiles say 30x20cm, 20x20cm, 20x10cm and 10x10cm.

      • Silver Black gallery

        Silver Black (also called Heather Black) quartzite tiles all in flamed finish cut and put into a star pattern per an British architect's design.

      • Silver Green gallery

        This is a gallery of Silver Green quartzite tiles with a honed finish and arranged in a normal brick pattern. The size of each tile is 30x15cm.

      • Silver Rosa gallery

        This is a gallery of Silver Rosa quartzite tiles of a flamed finish and arranged in a normal brick pattern. The size of each tile is 30x15cm.

      • Glacier White gallery

        This is a gallery of Glacier White quartzite tiles of a flamed finish and laid out in a brick pattern. The size of each tile is 30x15cm.

      Quartzite Stone Projects Gallery
      • Desert Gold project

        This is a villa project in KSA. Desert Gold quartzite tiles with natural cleft finish are used for wall cladding. What rich colors and beauties natural stone can bring us?

      • Silver Vein Gray project

        This is a show room where the wall, the floor and skirting are all built with honed finished Silver Vein Gray quartzite tiles.

      • Silver Rosa project

        This is an apartment building project in China. Part of the wall cladding material used is flamed Silver Rosa quartzite which gives out a warm pink color with glitter in Sun light.

      • Silver Vein Gray project

        Here is another project which used Silver Vein Gray quartzite with a riven and antiqued finish. The wall tiles were arranged in a random-length patterns with different widths too.

      • Snow White project

        This is an antiqued Chinese building close to a lake. The exterior cladding uses Snow White quartzite together with a gray tone stone forming comfortable balance in visual effect.

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